How to chill your wines in record time using these 7 tried and tested methods.

Returned from a hard day at work with a lukewarm bottle of something that should be chilled? The first thing that might enter your head is, can I ice cube it? Between you, me and the gate post what you do in your own home with your hard-earned wine is up to you but my answer would be a hard NO! 

First try these handy tips and tricks and great gadgets first…

  1. Frozen grapes are your friend. I keep frozen grapes in the freezer all the time. A great trick, first you will always have a handy, healthy and sweet treat ready to go but more than that when it comes to wine, frozen grapes can be a saviour. A handful will chill your wine without diluting the flavours.
  1. Bathe your wine in a bucket of salted ice water. Salt reduces the temperature of water so your wine will chill faster than in standard iced water. Try adding plenty of table salt to a bucket or vessel big enough to hold your bottle or bottles before adding ice. This is a great way to speed up the chilling process.
  1. I like my whites colder than the recommended serving temperature and where I might think twice before I put something super pricy in the freezer it can act as a quick additional blast. For a sparkling white 10-15 minutes maximum is a great way to get the temperature down fast on an everyday wine. Just don’t forget to set the timer unless you want a controlled wine explosion along with your frozen peas.
  1. Open the bottle and pour your glasses out then cover and refrigerate. Doing so reduces the surface area that needs to be chilled so is a great way of getting just the right amount cold right away. Just be sure to cover the glass to stop it being exposed to strong fridge smells and other odours.
  1. Gadgets galore. There are some great affordable gadgets to buy including the Corkcicle Air wine chiller. Keep it in the freezer and it will cool the wine as it pours. 
  1. Cool sleeves also work well and can be used in lots of ways either flattened as a general cooler or on a bottle as a chilling sleeve. A great piece of kit for any freezer.
  1. Red wines can also benefit from a light chilling for around 30 minutes before serving. Simpler, fruitier reds work best such as a Beaujolais or other Gamay based wines which can make for a refreshing sundowner any day of the week.

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